How to deactivate BSNL Hungama Services from BSNL Fiber Broadband

BSNL Hungama is an entertainment service from BSNL on joining the hands with Hungama Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd. It activates only for BSNL Fiber broadband users. Here you will find the procedure for activation and deactivation of BSNL Hungama services in a very simple way.

What is the BSNL Hungama Service?

Telecom PSU BSNL joins hands with M/S Hungama Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd In 2009, to provide unlimited entertainment services to its valuable broadband customers. BSNL-Hungama is offering three types of services such as Movies on Demand (MoD)Music on Demand (MoD) and Games on Demand (GoD) to enjoy unlimited movies/ songs/ videos/ online games from wide variety of abundant collection of BSNL Hungama Online Store.

What are the Subscription charges for BSNL Hungama Services?

These services are exclusively available to ALL BSNL Fiber BROADBAND Customers on monthly opted plan charges. The BSNL-Hungama plans are available at most affordable rates starting from Rs. 70 to Rs. 249 per month. The details of BSNL Hungama Service charges are as follows:

How to deactivate BSNL Hungama Services from BSNL Fiber Broadband?

Some BSNL Fiber broadband customer don’t know about Hungama services, but when they observed the charges for Hungama services in the bill, gets shocked. Why does it happen? The only reason is when an advertiser calls to the landline of a broadband line, and the user shares their mail id and other details for a subscription.

Also, the other is any other child/family members activates the subscription online without concerning the owner of the broadband user.

Here you will find some clear cut procedure to deactivate the BSNL Hungama services from your account. Just try to register a complaint to stop or unsubscribe BSNL Hungama games, movies on demand, music on demand services. You can do it in these ways.

Methods To Deactivate BSNL Hungama Services

  1. Sending Email to supp[email protected] for deactivation of entertainment services.
  2. Submitting a request at concerned BSNL CSC for deactivation.
  3. Dail and register a complaint at BSNL Hungama contact number:From your BSNL landline or any-other mobile number, call to the Hungama toll free helpline 1800 209 7010 (from Mon to Sat; 9 am to 6.00 pm)
  4. Unsubscribe BSNL Hungama Online:You may deactivate BSNL Hungama Services by unsubscribing this online at http://bsnl.hungama.com by providing your registered user id and password.

Now we will discuss the first procedure for “How to deactivate BSNL Hungama account” in details i.e. Sending Email to sup[email protected] for deactivation of entertainment services. Because it is the one which acts as the most immediate action. BSNL broadband customer requires sending an email by mentioning the following details clearly to BSNL Hungama support.

  • BSNL Landline Number with STD Code.
  • Landline Billing Account Number and Customer ID.
  • Services to unsubscribe in BSNL Hungama entertainment.

On sending the email to the above address, you will receive the reply email immediately or it may take maximum 48 hours. Within 2 days your active BSNL Hungama subscriptions will deactivate and intimate to you through mail.

If you didn’t receive any email about the confirmation of your BSNL Hungama deactivation, then just complain the issue to concern BSNL immediately for taking action.

If you have any suggestions about the deactivation of BSNL Hungama services, let us know in the below comment section.

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